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Heart & ‘Sol’

Any life is filled with imperfection, we all make mistakes, some times the mistakes of others fall upon us. Everything has a cause and effect, its up to us how we choose to… Continue reading

An Easy Fiver

Some of my moments are quick, brief and costly. Those who know me well, also are very much aware that my hearing is not that great. Some days my hearing benefits others quickly.… Continue reading

Ramblin’ East

Meet 23 year old Sean from St. John, New Brunswick. I found him squatted on the sidewalk in the Queen West district of Toronto. Sean has been travelling through the U.S west. and… Continue reading


Patience paid off, I sat on the ground across the street from the Condom Shack on Queen St. in Toronto, I waited nearly a half hour for a stroller to come along so… Continue reading


A picture is worth a thousand words and I love typography, when shooting I’m always looking for typographical elements that will add to the story I want to tell. A photo is like… Continue reading

Carts & Wheels

Queen and Yonge St. – Getting ready to start another day and today just being another like the last.

Getting the Street Shots Part 3 of 3

Personality and Confidence: In my first post on this topic, I mentioned not to over invest in your equipment more than you are comfortable damaging or scuffing in order to be on top… Continue reading

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

When I was a young guy this age, I’m pretty sure I heard the song right, no, I’m absolutely positive I heard it right. I heard nothing about the sidewalks falling on my… Continue reading