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Formations, Binds & Links

This is an iPhone capture, I was reminded of it by conversation this evening, one of my favorite passages from the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens brings this image true to life.… Continue reading

Heart & ‘Sol’

Any life is filled with imperfection, we all make mistakes, some times the mistakes of others fall upon us. Everything has a cause and effect, its up to us how we choose to… Continue reading

Keepin’ the Grounds

Every story is connected, you never know how it may connect until you ask the most important first question, “Hi, What is your name?” once you shake hands to seal that new connection,… Continue reading

An Easy Fiver

Some of my moments are quick, brief and costly. Those who know me well, also are very much aware that my hearing is not that great. Some days my hearing benefits others quickly.… Continue reading

All That I Am, All That I Have

Homelessness does not have a distinct outward appearance, it doesn’t always present itself as obvious. This scene presented itself as a curious story, I watched for several minutes as this woman would wheel… Continue reading

Ramblin’ East

Meet 23 year old Sean from St. John, New Brunswick. I found him squatted on the sidewalk in the Queen West district of Toronto. Sean has been travelling through the U.S west. and… Continue reading

We Were Boys Once

Thirty years ago, I was an eight year old growing up in Scarborough, Ontario. Wayne, was a ten year old running around the back roads of his home town in Jamaica. At the… Continue reading

This Ain’t Oz

  When walking along the streets of Toronto, I am desensitized to this being a normal scene as well as documenting it, I am still never quite comfortable with the ability to walk… Continue reading