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Weekend Artscapes – Hipstamatic Monochrome

A continuation of iPhone photographs from the past weekend. These are more scenics than stories of people on the streets. No pidgeons were harmed during this shoot. They attempted to get even by… Continue reading

Weekend Street Stories – Hipstamatic Monochrome

As a once staunch Blackberry user, if someone had told me I would be street shooting with an iPhone I would have fallen off a chair laughing. Well, I haven’t fallen off my… Continue reading

Hipstamatic Landscape [Colour and Monochrome]

A mix of Hipstamtic and Instgram created shots in colour and monochrome.

Hipstamatic Street Photography [Monochrome]

I really enjoy the immediacy, imperfect and nostaligic feel of Hipstamatic shooting. Plus its making street shooting a lot more stealthlike. By no means a replacement for my DSLR’s but it does change… Continue reading

Social Exhaustion – The Digital Era Conundrum

I am known for my hiatus behaviour. I would rather step back and not shoot for the sake of filling content than to keep shooting to ensure my rankings and popularity¬†is skyrocketing. I… Continue reading