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A picture is worth a thousand words and I love typography, when shooting I’m always looking for typographical elements that will add to the story I want to tell. A photo is like… Continue reading

Carts & Wheels

Queen and Yonge St. – Getting ready to start another day and today just being another like the last.

Weekend Artscapes – Hipstamatic Monochrome

A continuation of iPhone photographs from the past weekend. These are more scenics than stories of people on the streets. No pidgeons were harmed during this shoot. They attempted to get even by… Continue reading

Social Exhaustion – The Digital Era Conundrum

I am known for my hiatus behaviour. I would rather step back and not shoot for the sake of filling content than to keep shooting to ensure my rankings and popularity¬†is skyrocketing. I… Continue reading

Teatro do Amor [Theatre of Love]

This is my Teatro do Amor (Theatre of Love)

To Mom with Love

In realizing that ten years have rushed since my Mom had passed and how much has changed during this time I really wanted to do something special this year. Time always heals, distance… Continue reading

Life Map

Usually being drawn to urban or waterfront landscapes I rarely get the opportunity to explore floral patterns as much as I would like. Yesterday I had the opportunity to walk through the Allan… Continue reading

The Silent Stone

The art of expressive communication can be far more powerful than the accompanied sounds that normally validates an expression on someone’s face. To watch this actor perform his silent emotive session was inspiring… Continue reading