Time on the Side B’y

If there is a Toronto Maple Leaf hockey game going on, you will find Teddy Bear here decked out in a tribute jersey to his favorite team. Of course I’ll grab a low… Continue reading


Morning Rush Hour: Union Station is the busiest transport hub in Toronto located at Bay and Front St. I was like the rest of the herd moving through their pace to get to… Continue reading

Give Us This Day, Our Daily Bread

Meet Snooky Tynes, a usual Yonge and Dundas street fixture as common as the lamps and the stores, he is a familiar face who beats the hell out the drums for all to… Continue reading

Heart, Souls and Glass in Motion

While capturing the heated debates of the Men of God seen in the previous post, I felt the presence of someone watching me, I glanced at him a number of times, he was… Continue reading

Man, God, Religion & Difference of Opinion

  If I find something interesting on the streets, or sense angry possibilities, I always stick around waiting for the story to evolve, moving through the crowds hoping to find the rowdies. When… Continue reading

The Photograph I Missed

While waiting for breaks in the pedestrian traffic to grab a clear tight shot of this scene, the photograph I missed was the one of hope compassion and humanity as a young man… Continue reading

From The Shadows

They are there every day, they hide in the shadows, they’re out in plain sight, yet still remain invisible to most. They’re hungry, without answers and it will be the same tomorrow, the… Continue reading

Searching the Clouds, Standing Tall and Embrace

We are often left searching for answers, other times we are lost in that search, drifting far off into the clouds above us, some of us stand under darker clouds than others. Fortunately,… Continue reading