Getting the Street Shots Part 1 of 3

I’ve been asked many times how I approach street shooting and how I achieve good impacting images. I thought I would share some advice. I have broken it down into three parts which… Continue reading

Stand & Rush

Even during the busiest of rush hour madness there are times when there is no choice but to stand and let another path of needful commuters move on.


Well, not much to say here. Captured in the construction zone of Union Station at Bay and Front St.


A photo captures a moment, it allows you to arrive at whatever imaginative story your heart and mind conjures. There are three parties in this photo, you, the audience, them, my subjects and… Continue reading

Twenty One Peanuts – World Down Syndrome Day

Lindsay, a very beautiful mom and her very adorable and plucky two year old son Kayde (known as Peanut), are just two of the many reason’s for my recent nonsensical and cryptic babbling… Continue reading

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

When I was a young guy this age, I’m pretty sure I heard the song right, no, I’m absolutely positive I heard it right. I heard nothing about the sidewalks falling on my… Continue reading

You GO, I’ll Stay….Ummm I’m Going Too!

I love the rush of transit hubs, so full of life, energy and motion. I’m a public transit commuter as well. I find it more suitable for a street shooter to be amongst… Continue reading

In Reflection: Spinning Wheels

The wheels of life carry us all in different directions. Whether paused in reflection on the street side or waiting for a stop light to turn green, the wheels will spin at some… Continue reading