Something Old Something New

I am fortunate with my style of work that I can revisit a location more than once and change up the composition and technique. Thus allowing me to get new shots of an… Continue reading

Waiting for the Sea

This is an older blog that I have moved over to wordpress. This is one of my personal favourites and the story that accompanies it is equally memorable. This was captured when I… Continue reading

Brass on Queen St. W.

I am known for my long walks and moving about the city of Toronto in search of perfect images. It is common for me to log about 10-15 kms by foot and another… Continue reading

Monochrome Calm

In a fast paced city such as Toronto surprising that I am able to find such calm and peaceful scenes such as these.

It was a foggy day in Toronto

Taking the new camera out for a good run today. All that technology and wonderful colour and I wind up ripping it apart and going monochrome or in this case split toned. At… Continue reading