Have a seat, stay awhile.

Shot at the Riverdale Farm of Toronto. I liked the lonely isolated feeling as well as the worn textured age of the bench, fence and stone walkway. I look carefully for these types of scenes when… Continue reading

Inukshuk @ Night

I walked around this stone sculpture numerous time to get different views and wound up with two extraordinarily different photographs in the same evening. While the finishes are different the shots were captured… Continue reading

Clothing Optional Gateway

No nudity to be found on this cold, blustery, wet, windy, cloudy, sunny, warm, cold, WINDIER day. If my description of the weather is confusing….. it was. All day long I kept dealing… Continue reading


Not the greatest of beverages in my long list favourites. Trying to remain faithful to one of my favourite photographs I do keep trying to like it though. However I am happy that… Continue reading

Window of Opportunity

Lawrencetown Beach just a few miles east of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia gave me two beautiful photographs. Both of the shots are within a few feet distance of one another and Broken Boardwalk is… Continue reading


Now back to my regularly scheduled urban shooting style. Because of the abstract lines and the way the light was shining on the water I knew it would make a great monochrome conversion.

Sail Ship Ghost’s and Drifting Tree

Long exposures during the day create very interesting artistic effects. This technique has been somewhat of an experimental passion as of late. I am usually more known for Urban scenery and have completely… Continue reading

On the Rocks of Toronto Beaches

Another shot from my session last Sunday on the Toronto waterfront Queen St. Beaches area.