Carts & Wheels

Queen and Yonge St. – Getting ready to start another day and today just being another like the last.

That Old Feeling

I’m bouncing on air this morning. This police officers smile and energy best captures how my day has started. Even the cabbie and bus decided to dance during morning rush hour to illustrate… Continue reading

3:21 Hopeful – International World Down Syndrome Day

Up until recently, Down Syndrome was something I knew of, something I had learned of and it was something I appreciated from afar. Today, it’s something that is a very special part of… Continue reading

Two Horsepower

What is a Mercedes Benz to do when the Toronto Police Mounted Unit arms up to give you a vehicle infraction? You pull over and take it like a good ole tough cow… Continue reading

This Ain’t Oz

  When walking along the streets of Toronto, I am desensitized to this being a normal scene as well as documenting it, I am still never quite comfortable with the ability to walk… Continue reading

Sharp Images & Fuzzy Concepts

Many ask or become confused about what is the best equipment to capture street photography. Truth is, there isn’t. It’s whatever ‘you’ the photographer are comfortable shooting with. The camera does not matter,… Continue reading

Getting the Street Shots Part 3 of 3

Personality and Confidence: In my first post on this topic, I mentioned not to over invest in your equipment more than you are comfortable damaging or scuffing in order to be on top… Continue reading

Getting the Street Shots Part 2 of 3

My apologies, I had posted this last night, somehow due to my iPhone and computer having different versions of this post, it deleted. Derek I have broken down several of my shots, what… Continue reading