Ramblin’ East

Meet 23 year old Sean from St. John, New Brunswick. I found him squatted on the sidewalk in the Queen West district of Toronto. Sean has been travelling through the U.S west. and… Continue reading


Patience paid off, I sat on the ground across the street from the Condom Shack on Queen St. in Toronto, I waited nearly a half hour for a stroller to come along so… Continue reading


What goes up always comes down eventually. The great thing about escalators is that somewhere there is another way up. You just have to be patient to find it. I prefer going up… Continue reading


All of us were strangers to one another, now we’re all connected at F5.6. After the shutter raised, we all went about our lives disconnected as we were moments before the capture. All… Continue reading

The Colour of Shadows

Regardless of our sex, roots, physical or intellectual capabilities, colour, religious belief, lifestyle and financial status, we all carry the burden of a dark shadow that follows each of us through our journeys… Continue reading

We Were Boys Once

Thirty years ago, I was an eight year old growing up in Scarborough, Ontario. Wayne, was a ten year old running around the back roads of his home town in Jamaica. At the… Continue reading


A picture is worth a thousand words and I love typography, when shooting I’m always looking for typographical elements that will add to the story I want to tell. A photo is like… Continue reading

Stand & Deliver

Just a simple moment of a guy delivering e-mails or texts as two headless mannequins stand in observance of his quiet moment at the Eaton Centre in Toronto. I appreciate candid moments like… Continue reading