There She Is


There she is, unknown to you, unsaid, obscured, disconnected, one day, from the shadows she emerges into the light. From as simple as a photograph or the memorable moment her presence dared you to notice and never forget. You know her when you see her, it’s unmistakable, it imprints on you, that emotional collision with racing imagination soars, you realize she’s finally here. Her eyes stop you, her smile captivates you, what she’s wearing stuns you, her mannerism endears you, the way she moves tempts you, heart pounding because you need to know who she is,  you’ll never forgive denying yourself a chance. Call me a silly romantic, if feeling any of these emotions, you should be at the ‘hello’ stage long before your next heart beat. Pay attention to the shadows and ready yourself for the unexpected. She’ll step out into the light when you least expect it and what a memorable moment she is going to be.