The Chess Men

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As a father, checkmate should never be the definitive answer, no matter how daunting an opponent plays. Each square is an opportunity to explore, learn, earn potential mistakes, chess is a game, some times you lose, your pieces gone, checkmated into submission. However, with any good game, you get to play again. Every decision is a risk, you’ll lose pieces along the way, you strategically move all your options until you protect or lose your ground. Depending on the outcome of a game, you may have to line up the chess men again, this time, moving forward with a strength from learned mistakes, fighting forward with devotion to succeed in spite of all the lost games before. No matter how unfair, blindsided or exhausting the previous games played out, there is always hope that your day of a checkmate will come. My chess men are lined up, we’re ready to make our move.