An Easy Fiver



Some of my moments are quick, brief and costly. Those who know me well, also are very much aware that my hearing is not that great. Some days my hearing benefits others quickly. Like Alexander for example. His lazy speech combined with my stellar hearing had me agreeing to two portraits for $5. It took awhile for both of us to get this clear to one another, it wasn’t until after I had snapped the shots before he pulled a $5 bill out of his pocket and said ‘pay me’. I realized I had just agreed to pay him $5 for two portraits. All this in less than two minutes. I had to move on fast, I was fearful of what else he would have me agree to. I dropped my $5 and a went on laughing at myself. Now I see him most days, he waves a $5 bill when he has one. He’s on to me, he knows I am easy prey and a sucker for a beautiful smile.