Ramblin’ East




Meet 23 year old Sean from St. John, New Brunswick. I found him squatted on the sidewalk in the Queen West district of Toronto. Sean has been travelling through the U.S west. and all of Western Canada by squatting on trains, hitching rides and any other method that will move him towards home in New Brunswick.  He may have the outward appearance of a hardened soul, he is a really friendly kid, plays the ukelele very well, great stories, some very eye opening stories at that. As he said, you never know who you’re gonna meet riding the rails. Back in October while hitching in Washington state, Sean found his furry companion Oka, a very quiet yet mischievous dog, she has been with him since, keeps him company during the lonely nights in the cold. Together they plan to push back eastward to home in St John, by the middle or end of April when the weather warms up. He and I both are tired of the cold, both of us are excited for the summer months ahead. Hopefully I’ll run into him again next week when I am shooting Queen West again.