The Colour of Shadows


Regardless of our sex, roots, physical or intellectual capabilities, colour, religious belief, lifestyle and financial status, we all carry the burden of a dark shadow that follows each of us through our journeys in life. Wherever my camera falls, there are anonymous shadows of people on the ground, it does not tell me who created it, not unless I look up to see its creator. A shadow doesn’t tell me your race, I certainly can’t see your hair or eye colour, it doesn’t tell me how expensive or dirty your clothes are, it doesn’t tell me you are deaf, it can’t tell me you are blind, it won’t share your religion or thoughts, it won’t divulge your emotion: regardless if you’re happy or sad, I can’t describe your age, it doesn’t even accurately tell me if you are an adult or child, it won’t even share your relationship preference and orientation. I can see vague physical features that set our shadows apart from one another, that’s it. It is nice to think that on the ground and walls where our shadows are cast, we are all the made the same. Whether positive or negative, it’s not until the light falls directly on us that our true colours as humans come to life.