3:21 Hopeful – International World Down Syndrome Day

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Up until recently, Down Syndrome was something I knew of, something I had learned of and it was something I appreciated from afar. Today, it’s something that is a very special part of my life. This little guy with stunning eyes, is Kayde, he is two years old, he has such an awesome smile, amazing personality and an abundance of energy that I wish I had most days. Watching him shuffle his little bum across a floor is adorable, watching him wave and clap during Skype chats surely causes huge sparks of smiles from me. To watch him use sign language with his mom and sister Milynn is beautiful. He knows a lot more than me, I am the one who should know how to sign given the severity of my hearing loss. This completely washes out any old outdated stereotype that Down Syndrome causes ‘slow’ abilities, he’s seriously skating embarrassing rings around me here. He’s two, I’m 38, I’ve got serious catching up to do in this department. He’s a super smart cookie, he knows how to flirt and get all the girl’s attention, I’ve watched him do it, he’s quite the Cassanova, he’s got the ‘stare’ down pat, you know the one. The ‘I’m noticing you, noticing me.’ stare. It’s unmistakable. Lastly, whether his mom will admit it or not, he’s already figured out how to quickly wrap her around his tiny little finger. You can always see him scheming and BAM she’s wrapped. Just ask them to sing and sign the Pizza Song and you’ll see what I mean. The only flaw this poor little fella has to deal with, he’s surrounded by Montreal Canadien’s (Habs) fan’s. As you can see from my photo below, there is some hope for his one and only true affliction. Go Leafs Go!

I am proud and brightly colourful today, I’m wearing blue and yellow in support of 3:21 World Down Syndrome Day, this awesome little guy and the amazing world he and his mom share makes it all worthwhile. I advocate my view of this world through black and white photography, Lindsay, Kayde’s mom, advocates the rewards and benefits of her amazing journey due to the addition of the ‘Love Gene’. It’s incredible to feel her energy when she get’s fired up and recently she got to voice that energy. All of us, who are lucky to be a part of their life, are proud today, an Eastern Ontario newspaper Northumberland Today ran a wonderful FRONT PAGE interview about the two of them. I invite you to go check it out, it’s an inspiring read. Lindsay and Kayde’s Story

Lindsay, you’re beautiful and always inspiring! Thanks for all the smiles Peanut!

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