This Ain’t Oz





When walking along the streets of Toronto, I am desensitized to this being a normal scene as well as documenting it, I am still never quite comfortable with the ability to walk by without so much as a glance, a thought, a hint of sadness, a sense of responsibility to at least wake up the senses of others through my images. I’m always astonished that I can anticipate this scene easily, people part to walk around her, by her, over her but not so much as spend a moment to check on her. I have three different stories published here with similar results, there are six more I chose not to edit but were eerily very similar responses. I had been shooting for twenty minutes at this point, without gloves on, my fingers were very sore from the exposure to cold temperature, here she is asleep at the side of road, where all our money in Canada is pretty much made or broken in the Financial District at the heart of our downtown core.