Twenty One Peanuts – World Down Syndrome Day


Lindsay, a very beautiful mom and her very adorable and plucky two year old son Kayde (known as Peanut), are just two of the many reason’s for my recent nonsensical and cryptic babbling of late. They are also why I will be wearing blue and yellow on March 21st. When Lindsay first described her son to me, she told me he has the ‘Love Gene’, I had never heard that in reference to Down Syndrome before, the more I learned of the 21 chromosomes that make up this special characteristic and her adoring description, I realized just how much fun their world will be.

Part of the fun that comes with being in their world, one day, not too long ago, I decided to get creative during my lunch hour in a very busy Toronto burger joint. After discovering boxes and boxes of peanuts in the restaurant, I went about my creative plan. Droves of hungry people passed by, curiously looking at the carefully positioned peanut art work on the table, giving me double glances, non-reassuring puzzled stares and voila, we now have the Twenty One Peanuts portrait. (Shhhh…. Lindsay has the colour version.) This capture pales in comparison to the real Peanut and the amazing, inspiring and heartfelt journey he shares with his mom. You don’t have to take my word for it, drop by and say ‘Hello’ at their blog My Lil’ Peanut And His 47 Pieces to Love and get a glimpse of the awesome value that extra gene has brought them both.

In the meantime, support World Down Syndrome Day in whatever way you wish. Here is the official web site of World Down Syndrome Day it should help give some better understanding about the special 21 ingredients to a wonderful life, and the significance of March 21st. You’ll also see inspiring stories of those who have the ‘Love Gene’ breaking all barriers and stereotypes, along with the people who love, support and encourage them.