The Photograph I Missed

DBSHANKS_03092013 2 (1)

DBSHANKS_03092013 2

DBSHANKS_03092013 1 (1)

DBSHANKS_03092013 3 (1)

While waiting for breaks in the pedestrian traffic to grab a clear tight shot of this scene, the photograph I missed was the one of hope compassion and humanity as a young man dropped off a full lunch to feed the hunger right after I captured this. The tight crop of this shot didn’t allow me to pull back fast enough to catch the entire moment. The gratitude expressed and the smile is the photograph I’ll always remember. However, I leave you with the shots surrounding the moment I missed, you can see the young guy walking away after the lunch drop, the rest of the captures are the memorable realities that the homeless face. Hopefully this will make everyone remember to look down on the street corners and be attentive to those who need a lift and little something to eat rather than spare change most days.