Heart, Souls and Glass in Motion

DBSHANKS_03092013 9

While capturing the heated debates of the Men of God seen in the previous post, I felt the presence of someone watching me, I glanced at him a number of times, he was curiously wondering what I was doing, probably unsure of why I would shuffle through the crowd tracking the angry story of strangers with my camera’s.  Then, I finally met eyes with him, I didn’t ask, acknowledge, nor seek his approval to do so, I knelt to the ground and he watched my lens fall on him without resistance or hesitation, he offered silent acceptance as the sound of my shutter echoed 13 frames through the crowd, this image became the last one I would take. I nodded, then proceeded to walk south as his motor whirred to life and carried him north.

I usually prefer that my intended candid subjects don’t stare down the barrel of my lens, there are moments when I’ll walk away knowing that I have the heart and soul of a photograph by allowing you, the audience an opportunity to look into their eyes and connect with them. I now see the photo in its final intended black and white presentation, but being there to lock eyes with him was an altogether different emotional feeling than just the satisfaction of seeing this image come to life. The world moved rapidly around us, he and I tried earnestly to make sense of one another. Neither one of us will ever know anything more of each other, life has already moved on for both of us, the only commonality we’ll ever share, is this photograph and that we were witness to the angry words of men that brought him and I to this now frozen moment in time.