From The Shadows

DBSHANKS_03092013 1

DBSHANKS_03092013They are there every day, they hide in the shadows, they’re out in plain sight, yet still remain invisible to most. They’re hungry, without answers and it will be the same tomorrow, the day after that won’t change much either. They hide as best they can, away from judgement, suspicious looks and dismissive eyes. When they can find that moment to blend in, they’ll try to move on with the rest of us unnoticed.

This man is a regular on Yonge St. I don’t know his name yet, but I will. I watched him duck into each store front when he was alone and move forward again when a large crowd gathered around him. He peered out looking north and south waiting for an opportunity, he would not move until there were many for him to fade into. When the crowd dispersed, he ducked into another store front repeatedly looking around for his next chance to keep walking.