Searching the Clouds, Standing Tall and Embrace




We are often left searching for answers, other times we are lost in that search, drifting far off into the clouds above us, some of us stand under darker clouds than others. Fortunately, two dark clouds may cross paths, because there are two, it does leave that gap for the sun to rise amidst even the most darkest of storms.

Some things are just unanswerable and we must find that strength to stand tall and forge ahead as if all the answers were laid out for us. Yesterday’s dreams have greatly evolved or devolved, what once was, is no longer, one must adapt and there is nothing better than being able to stand tall with a smirk on your face feeling hopeful.

Today, I can always ride an escalator up when down, buy a bag of peanuts hoping there is only 21 in them, I’ll raise my Nikon’s proudly even knowing that Canon has been mucking about as of late, true story. Whether it’s the escalator, the peanuts or the Canon, each one ASL sign’s thank you beautifully. There is still the matter of a hockey puck and its proud origins that need to be discussed. I’ll say Toronto, another will argue Montreal, no doubt. That’s another story for the future, I’m looking forward to how that tale unfolds.

One shutter drop at a time, new stories will unfold. The Nikon’s and I have missed sharing our personal world and thought’s. It’s time to hit the damn release and we’re coming back. The silence is always wonderful, the visuals always stunning, in between, I am learning ASL to bridge the gap between both. In the meantime, I have an embrace to chase in the land of hopeful.

It’s a beautiful storm, see you soon!