After the Tears Fall – Jack Layton

It was a shock to see a high profile figure such as Jack Layton succumb to cancer at the prime of his career and at such a young age leaving behind a memory of strength and conviction in his beliefs. It was hard not to admire him regardless of which political platform you supported. It was amazing to watch this country stand still in the days after his passing, a proud moment for Canadians who dropped the political battles to pay tribute to a man who did many great things in his life. While the media frenzy and the heightened emotions were raw, I stayed back from capturing images. I wanted to have a photo that would show Jack Layton’s legacy, more importantly a story about the people he championed for. The hungry, the low income status, the working class and the homeless. I found this emotive moment at Toronto City Hall the day after his funeral had taken place, I felt it marked the legacy of Mr. Layton and his wife Olivia Chow as they had become a political romance story of power to make change and give voice to those who needed it. Rest in Peace Mr. Layton, Toronto will defintely not forget your contributions and most importantly Canada will not forget the juggernaut change you mounted during the spring federal election.