Social Exhaustion – The Digital Era Conundrum

I am known for my hiatus behaviour. I would rather step back and not shoot for the sake of filling content than to keep shooting to ensure my rankings and popularity is skyrocketing. I am more critical of my own work than anyone else could ever hope to be, therefore when it got to a point that I was posting images that I wasn’t happy or excited about. It was time to take the break. With digital photography and videography at an all time high, I was not worried if my images lacked appearances for there are thousands of other photographs for every one of mine that didn’t get uploaded.

Truth is, in the day and age of a social media conscientious society it became exhausting to keep up with the masses that I was forgetting to live life and shoot photos. Constantly buried via computers or Blackberry. I became consumed by my blogs, flickr, Twitter, linkedin, Facebook, tumblr, foursquare, diggit, reddit and the other umpteenth million electronic social friendships that I had been nurturing. Digital marketing is great, its a lot of work, but it was taking the nostalgia of why I shot photographs to begin with. As well, I have real people in my life that make better comfort than the cold shells of my MAC computers or Blackberry and the names handles that begin with an @. Life’s daily grind also makes it harder to get out and put to task the camera and shoot personal projects. Something that I will have to change, at least reserve my shooting days and go for it.

Recently I have traded the Blackberry in for an iPhone 4 and interestingly enough, my appreciation and enjoyment of photography has started to pick up again. It’s easier to carry the iPhone where ever I go, while on the run I can surely stop a moment and capture a photo. Add in the addition of Hipstamatic, square format, black and white….yes even colour with an retro nostalgic feel to them, I am having a blast. It’s a far cry departure from creating digitally perfected images, labouring for hours over RAW converters and Photoshop. Not saying I don’t enjoy a labourious victory over a completed photo from my Nikon’s. I still love my Nikon’s, yet Hipstamatic gives me an immediate gratification. Shoot it, the app does the rest. The images range from perfectly sharp to inexplicably blurry and careless. I love the sharp and perfect, I also appreciate the not so perfect shots too. There is a feeling of rush, stealth and anxiousness to the less perfect photos which tells the story as much as the subject does. I have peeled back my social media prescence, concentrating only on facebook (which for the most are people that are real to me now or I have known) and my new prescence on Instagram which makes way more sense to me as a photographer than the likes of Twitter and the rest of the anonymous offerings.

I’ll post a few more blogs with some of the iPhone stuff in colour and monochrome. I’ll soon publish my standard fare of monochrome images. This particular shot was done with the Instagram app, majority are created with Hipstamatic.