To Mom with Love

In realizing that ten years have rushed since my Mom had passed and how much has changed during this time I really wanted to do something special this year. Time always heals, distance always puts a divide from initial hurts yet you never forget. Inside the bottle is a letter that I wrote to my Mom and this is what is says.

Dear Mom

It seems like only yesterday that we were perched on a lanai in Hawaii
watching the clouds rush by as we called out the formations that each
had resembled, many years have passed since then but I am still chasing
clouds by capturing their motion as they pass through my lens. I will
always remember your laugh as we came up with the most imaginative and
ridiculous descriptions those evenings. It seems that our time on the
lanai may have inspired a lot of the art I have since created and will
continue to capture as I always hope to see your smile in the rushing

In the ten years that you have been asleep I have travelled 4500 km’s
chasing the stories and history of where your life began in Halifax to
come back again to Toronto where your story ended. During these ten
years I have captured our likeness in the smiles of my two sons who are
now 7 and 4, I have replaced 4 hearing aids, 6 pairs of glasses, broken
my left hand twice, I have changed careers 3 times, I have lived in 8
different addresses over 2 provinces and 3 cities accompanied by 6 phone
numbers and 4 area codes.

During these years, I always see that young boy who once looked at me in
the mirror, except now the grey hairs are slowly replacing the once
youthful colour, the age of emotions show lines in my eyes and the years
of memories have proven me wiser or at the very least memorable. Looking
back at how time has evolved into my now greatly changed life, it’s far
removed from the time you fell into your permanent sleep, I now have a
fuller meaning of how fast time races and how precious each moment
really is. You’ve been missed, you are alive in our memories.

Sweet Dreams Mom.

Love from your son.


Derek Shanks Photography