A Chain Reaction, but Who’s Listening?

While I blasted the violence of the arrogant protesters from the weekend of the G20 here in Toronto, I am happy to say that I spent most of the afternoon amidst a peaceful protest that is pretty much what all of us are asking for. Why? Regardless of where the blame lays, whether it was the idiot reaction of rogue protesters from the or did the Government of Canada stronghold a metropolis into sucking vacuum. Was it the riot police fault? What about provincial government? There are a lot of people who should answer as to how innocent bystanders got squished in with the profile of violent protest and those who were actually violent didn’t get a thing dealt to them really except for a couple of embarrassing YouTube videos. My last post was asking that people didn’t glorify the stupid mentality of aggressive destructive behaviour. Today I was on hand at Queen’s Park to document the Civil Liberties and G20 Public Inquiry request. I agree that someone whether it be top brass Prime Ministers Office all the way down to police force and protest organizers should also have a thing or two to answer for as well. This chaos started somewhere, now let’s be adults, don’t break things and talk for a change.

During this protest you can see both demonstrators and bystanders offering frustration. I sensed a unpleasantness with bystanders as the procession moved by blocking streets yet again over a two week period. The procession moved slowly through downtown Toronto and moved on to Queen St. W and Spadina Ave where a few tense moments had been observed as protesters sat down on the street in honour of the innocent bystanders from two weeks before caught in rain for roughly 5 hours while being detained by police. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few months or years even. Today I captured photographs moving in and out of the procession, outside of it, behind police lines and wherever I could go to get my photos and offer a voice in support that someone needs to be accountable for this insanity Toronto was put under.