A Visual Silence (Protest Against Violent Protest)

In regards to the recent plight of protestors and a smaller sect of violent destructive fools who held my city of Toronto hostage for an entire weekend during the G20 Summit, this is my moment to hopefully gain the support of other photographers.  While I understand that stories need to be shared, told and understood, as a photographer I realize the visual impact that a photograph will convey to an audience. Images relay an instant appeal, it’s a slice of time captured and retold to a larger mass that was not party to see it. This weekend I decided to lay my cameras low because I feared for safety, as well I didn’t want to be a part of a voice that loudly pronounced the idiocy of rogue mentality that destructed a place I call home.

Toronto has its fair share of flaws and imperfections, but it is an awesome city to call home. Over the weekend two Canadian soldiers met a fate and have met a silence that has closed their eyes forever as they protected the safety of others abroad and proudly supported my country. My grandfather also met a similar sad fate during WWII while proudly serving the Canadian Armed Forces and because of these soldiers, because of their dedication, bravery and selfless act in support of peace, I am hoping that I can reach fellow photographers that caught the Toronto G20 violence and ask that you not support an idiotic voice and silence their mission by not sharing images of destruction that glorifies a disrespect to safety, peace and the common good that our city is known for.

Toronto has never been known for this kind of volatility and I realize that stories need to be told, I know that news will be reported. Two soliders of the Canadian Armed forces should have made top headlines rather than the idiots who burned police cruisers, put people out of work for a time while businesses repair and replace damage caused by the violence. This is not the Canada nor a history I am familiar with and every Canadian soldier who has paid a valiant price of honour with their life would be disgusted to see their Canada held hostage by a notion of so called demonstration of free speech. Want to stand up and make a point, lead people to a better place by example of goodness, not violence. We have a free country that we can vote to make a difference. Want to protest, don’t miss the voting polls, want to make a difference lead by honourable example and make intelligent conversation, make adifference by affecting lives positively than destroying a city that is housed within a peaceful nation.

Moment of Silence