@4amproject , where will you be? Upcoming Special Capture

Lots of exciting things going on these days, I have been busy working on many projects, plus scouting out locations for a special project in support of the magical hour of 4am which has always been a time that I loved shooting, being awake or just getting to appreciate when I had a moment to see it pass on the clock.

An international group called 4am Project will be up and running this coming weekend on April 4th @ 4am. All over the world photographers will be forgetting sleep or waking early to capture exposures at this magical time. I will be one of the many participating shooters, creating a special edition capture for my collection. I have scouted my location and will be creating a 4 minute and 4 second exposure on the 4th day of the 4th month at 4am (completing at 4:04am). The shot will be fittingly titled  4:04.

Take the time to visit 4am Project, if you have a camera or want to do something different or just have a look @ 4am through the eyes of international photographers. This weekend is the time to do it. Enjoy your sleep this Sunday morning, I’ll be somewhere in the city huddled up with a coffee in hand.

You’ll be able to follow my progress via Twitter @fragileglass as I will be logging posts throughout the night.