At the Mercy of Time

Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem. This location will become an ongoing photographic venture for me. I have shot here on numerous occasions and finally happy with the results I returned with on this trip. Next time I am in Fisherman’s Cove, I will be in during low tide making this shot impossible during the day time, meaning I will have to shoot at night. This is a rare before and after interpretation of the scene as I had intended it to be captured. What you see in the photograph from my Blackberry is what this beautiful scene offers, what you see of my capture is what I visualized a number of years ago, but with the the tidal flow always working against me, I wasn’t able to achieve this in 2008. This year, absolutely different as the tide was in completing the photograph I had always wanted. A determined fool I was, but a happy jester I became when I realized the shot I had always wanted.