Whaaa….Who turned the lights on?

Wait, wait what happened who turned the lights on this place?? After two years of publishing under darker web sites, Fragile Glass has undergone a re-design to better serve the direction my photography collection is going. All of my sites including this blog which has served me faithfully for almost 3 years are undergoing facelifts to the white design. Including the upcoming release of the Official Fragile Glass site which I am going to be rolling out over the next couple of weeks.

As you can see the new logo is bright, I have dropped the photography from the name. I think it is safe to assume now that any of my sites are related to my photography work. Looking forward to rolling out the rest of the Fragile Glass media family over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime hope you like the new paint on the wall and the new lights I have installed here on the blog.