Yeah, I am so Fired! Well worth it!

Some companies I will take a little care in picking on, this one company I know that I would totally be fired in a heartbeat for even pondering the thought of publishing such an image. Well New York, this is my reality in Toronto. A glass tower worth millions is on the rise and I have a poor soul laying in wait at -22 with windchill weather for something better to happen. I am curious as to how long this image survives online or maybe someone from New York might try to help one soul before the glass menagerie dominates the sky of Toronto, Canada. I’ll let you know how this one plays out. Meanwhile ‘The Donald’, I am sorry for the short courtship but I am pulling for the really small guy that sits in the frame to right of this photograph. Neither him or I will enjoy your wonderful display of architecture because neither of us fit the class of citizens described for this building. Cheers! I’ll fire myself and show myself to the street!