The Bells of Christmas Silently Toll

I live in a world crossed between sound and silence. I can choose to include sounds in my daily life with the use of a hearing aid or I can easily bring the quiet silence in to my life. It is nice that I have a choice to do this, something I have appreciated for many years and still to this day some will question why I enjoy silence. To walk in a world silently is an amazing experience that only a select few can appreciate. I realize now that while I learned to appreciate this wonderful option I have, I also take it for granted. To see this was heartbreaking when everyday I slip in and out of the silent and loud world at will.

Here I have a 68 year old woman who is crying for assistance so that she can bring sounds back into her life. I can’t imagine not being able to have some hearing and not being able to take full advantage of what is remaining without the use of my hearing aid. Here is someone sitting at the edge of a street in silence as people pass by without her knowledge.

For those who don’t understand how the system works. Ontario offers a program called Assistive Devices Program  or ADP for short. I am able to take advantage of this every five years now that I am an adult. Hearing Aids can cost anywhere from $900 – $1400 and ADP will kick in up to $700 leaving the rest up to the person who requires this device to pay out of pocket. Each hearing aid has special features depending on hearing loss and could require the most expensive option, so how does this 68 year old woman pay the other $200-700 while on the streets and still find shelter or food? Double those numbers if you need two hearing aids. Then the terrible reality, these devices also require batteries that run up to $20 a package for about 8 weeks worth of sound.

After running across this scene, I put away my ipod, I turned my hearing aid off and moved on in silence in her honour.