A Cold Hard Reality – Cold Weather Alert

To most a cold weather alert means to bundle and dress up warm to combat the cold. It means that all should take precaution against the elements for fear of frosbite, hypothermia or potential death if exposed inadequately for too long. For me tonight, the cold weather alert just hit home because I now know the names of a few people that may be out there right now inadequately prepared for this weather. I myself just came in from that cold and I would hate to think any of my subjects are out there out right now fighting -9 degrees celsius with a wind chill of -20 degrees. It is going to get colder this evening as it progresses to -15 with a windchill of – 25 into the wee hours of the morning of tomorrow. Most days I would just curse the weather and renounce the fact that I live in the northern parts of the world. Given what I experienced on Christmas Day,  the thought of Johnny, Tamara, Chris, The Gary’s, Billy, Paul and Zena sitting out there while I am warm typing this message feels extraordinarily helpless. That is a cold hard reality for the people who live on the streets of Toronto in the winter.