Salvation in a T.V. (Bob)

My time with Bob was brief, he is originally from Hamilton, Ontario and came to Toronto just for something different. When I asked how long he had been on the street he was unsure of the actual numbers.  He quickly asked for two dollars and I obliged and while sifting through my change to find a twoonie he saw that I had more and asked for another.  He was shy, excitable and unsure but knew that with the money he had collected from me and many others today that he would be able to find a room with a T.V. for the night. He was also excited about the prospect of having a turkey dinner at the Salvation Army.

I captured this on Queen St. at Yonge St. immediately after he collected the four dollars from me, he was on his way to catch a streetcar that was fast approaching. Like a child on Christmas morning I watched him bolt across the street with a youthful bound. He did catch his streetcar and I am hoping Bob found his T.V. for the night. Now I can honestly question some of things I take for granted every day and I do own a T.V. with a full cable package that I never watch. Something that simple put a leap in his step,  I turned my T.V. on for the first time in months tonight. I smiled, wondering what Bob would be watching.