For Better, For Worse (Mark & Ellen)

Marriages and relationships end for some reason or other and I have encountered stories including my own that met an impasse and part ways for far less stress and reasoning. I came across Ellen sitting by herself and asked how she was, I noticed she had a cell phone in which she explained she had found a few months ago. It doesn’t work with a cell package, but Ellen was resourceful in buying a charger for it so that she could play games to pass time. Earlier in the year I lost two Blackberry phones leaving me extraordinarily frustrated. My phone is my line out to the world and without it I felt disconnected, so now I am hoping that someone like Ellen has found my phones. Wishful thinking on my part, but it would make feel better about losing them.

Ellen isn’t homeless, but down on hard times and she mentioned her husband Mark had gone to run an errand. She was really worried about him as he had been gone awhile. I captured a couple pictures of Ellen and bade her farewell and asked what Mark looked like so that if I ran into him I could tell him she was looking for him. Realize I said this to be reassuring, I didn’t think I would actually run into Mark.

I was walking west on Queen St. and had gotten a fair distance from Ellen when I noticed a guy fitting the description she gave me of Mark, so I called his name out and sure enough, I ran into Mark. I introduced myself and that I had met Ellen and what I was doing today. He offered me a cigarette and we chatted about the day and how he has been working odd jobs to make ends meet.

I was taken aback when he mentioned that he and his wife were friends with Spring Phillips whom I had only just read about in the news recently. Spring had been murdered on December 5th earlier this month. Not only dealing with life’s stress over the holidays, they had to deal with the violent passing of a friend. Mark and I exchanged phone numbers, I will give them a call to see how they are making out and to let them know about this blog entry.

Thank you both. To stay together 15 years through both good and really hard times is a strength that most couples dream of. I wish you both absolutely the best and many more years together. I hope the tables turn and we’ll see you on the upside of the valley soon. I am glad that I got to capture a photo of the two of you together.