Corporate Responsibility

I was a little worried about the controversy that could be created with this shot as I am singling out one of Canada’s leading financial institutions to produce this image. Before this becomes a battle of money, power and greed versus the poor and helpless. I want everyone to visit TD Canada Trust Community Responsibility page. I had a responsibility to ensure both sides of the story are told and proved that even the giants will try help in any way they can from the rank and file of powerful executives and money managers to each of their own employee’s pulling donations from their own pocket.

This financial power house is in no way responsible for this man being here. Ignorance, avoidance, forgetfulness and the unwillingness to acknowledge these people is why he sleeps within the warmth of this enclosure. I also realize that it takes willingness on the part of people to accept help when offered but it all starts with open hearts and a willingness to talk about the issue from both sides of the streets.

This was an important image for me to tell the story of my Christmas on the streets and it tells a story of a major financial institution with loads of money in the banks, invested income from all walks of life and income levels and here I have a man seeking comfort and warmth within the enclosure of the bank machine area. For some this is a troubling issue of trust when entering to withdraw cash and having someone who is obviously troubled and on their last leg within reach, I can understand the nervousness and fear that most would encounter at this moment.

An easy solution is to not forget those who need help, pay attention and try to help when you can. This man and many other may never seek solace in a place like this again if we help.

This is no place for someone to be on Christmas Day.