The Forgotten an Urban Christmas


A decade of reflection of my own life is enough to make one realize that one never prepares for the changes that come about. Dreams from ten years ago differs greatly from the life I have before me now. 2009 marked a number of challenges personally and due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances I am unable to spend Christmas with those closest to me.

With 2009 being my eye opening experience in my life, I decided to bring light to a matter I have championed on numerous occasions. Armed with my heart and memories of Christmases I once used to know, I am spending December 25th on the streets of Toronto capturing the unfortunate plight of those who are less fortunate and without homes and cheer for the holidays. It will be a challenging shoot as the weather reports show that Mother Nature is not going to be a friend on this day.

I hope that I will open the eyes of many and my work will prompt friends, family, and colleagues to offer their hearts, time and donations to those who are indeed less fortunate at this time of year. To my Canadian friends, I am a huge supporter of United Way, Covenant House, Daily Bread Food Bank and Second Harvest. These are a limited number of fantastic organizations and all I ask is that you throw support to an organization that assists those in need wherever you are in this world. Of all days where one should be at home with those who are close, it will be a humbling and heartfelt experience for me.

Merry Christmas!


Dedicated to Mike H. wherever you are my friend, hopefully life on the other side is better for you. I’ll be sure to play Winds of Change while out and about on Christmas Day. I support Covenant House in your memory as that was where I had last hugged you so many years ago.