Happy Holidays from Derek!

The past few months have been  busy for me, I have just been published with PhotoEd Magazine which is now printed and available on newsstands. This was an exciting and wonderful experience and offered a lot of fantastic doors for me to open. Thanks to Felix Russo for approaching me to write the article on Black & White conversion for their Winter Black & White Edition.

I have numerous projects that I am about to undertake and really looking forward 2010 when I can let the creativity flow and get back in the dogged shooting spirit I am known for. First up is The Forgotten an Urban Christmas project that I have just announced. This project will take me back to my urban shooting roots which I haven’t done in awhile. The shoot and date they will be created on are going to be a far cry from the calm serene landscapes scenery I  am known for.

Have a safe Holidays, have a Happy New Year! Looking forward to the upcoming decade of 2010.