Awaiting the Storm

I wanted to do something special today, knowing that a storm was approaching the shores of Lake Ontario I decided to camp out on the waterfront awaiting the right cloud formations, timing and wanted the water to break heavily against the rocks within the shot. I was hoping for lightning to make an appearance for me but just after I captured this shot it started to rain heavily, turning into a heavy downpour. I did soak through two layers of clothing but did enjoy my time in the warm rain for a leisurely Saturday casual stroll in the downpour. The lightning did make its appearance much later when it would have been impossible to shoot.

It was a great afternoon, I got the shot I wanted and it was for a special reason. My Dad who resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia and I am 1700 km’s away and today happens to be his birthday and I wanted to give him something special.

Happy Birthday Pops!!

Derek Shanks Photography