Freefall: Calm during Chaos

I let go of everything, relaxed and closed my eyes at 230ft in the air with a direct freefall at a 100kms/hr and felt my first rush of calm. Returned for a second time after feeling this amazing calm and again, I found a relaxing, wonderful and amazing peace as the ride released and let me freefall to the earth at raging speed.

Wanting to continue this new found rush I returned to another ride with staggering and mind numbing statistics. I had taken this ride four times throughout the day and my fifth would be such a calming surprise. The four times before were all about the rush of adrenaline and hype and screams and bragging rights. This time at 230ft in the air, hands up, eyes closed, the cool breeze of the evening flowing through me, relaxed, I let the ride take me 120kms/hr with total trust, confidence and fearless of what was to come. I felt like I was flying as my body flowed with the turns and falls, my mind let the ride set the pace, my relaxation let the speeds, drops, turns become a freeing experience. I found what I was looking for this evening, it was to find a peaceful and calming experience during the chaos of life.

This photograph pales in comparison to the freefalls I experienced, but this water fountain continually falls admidst a very busy chaotic highway exit in Toronto, it reminded of the feeling I enjoyed tonight.

Derek Shanks Photography