A Sirens Whisper [Betsy]

She listens to the wind as it silently whispers into her thoughts at the edge of the water. Patience and time created a stunning shot from Betsy Borin of Cambridge, it is a crazy idea to attempt shoots like this due to the length of my shutter time and the very, very cold temperatures. Betsy was awesome and amazing for her determination to get the shots perfect. This was the last frame of five attempts on this shot. I was worried about her being cold before capturing this, and she said ‘Let’s just do it’ I ran back to my perch at the end of the pier and voila we have A Sirens Whisper.

I am very happy to introduce my new project with this wonderful addition to the imagery. The Siren’s of Fragile Glass will be an ongoing collaboration of long exposures featuring models and testing their patience while I wait out the timing of the shots. I am looking forward to meeting with Bets again when the weather is warmer. Thank you Bets!

Derek Shanks Photography