With the spring comes blooms of life and a change of season. This transition continues effortlessly and endlessly through time. In life we all face transitions in many forms and how we handle and adjust to those changes is an individual experience. My own personal transitions have been an ongoing experience and never ceases to amaze me how each day is different from the last.

Recently I came about a friend who is also experiencing their own transitional change. A proud, courageous and amazing change. The years have past but the friendship remains intact regardless of the transitions each of us are currently experiencing. Mikayla sparked an inspiration in me that I am truly thankful for. This image is dedicated to you, a reminder of your past and a welcome to your amazing new future. The tulips duality in its bloom truly marks your amazing journey. Can’t wait to fly out to Vancouver in August to catch up on old times and go shooting.

Derek Shanks Photography