Bluff’s Rush

Waking up at the crack of dawn, well actually before the crack of dawn is a discipline that is hard to undertake when you love the warmth of your bed, home and don’t want to wake up when it is the same darkness you went to sleep in. I had made plans to shoot with fellow photographers, one whom you have already met from A Lack of Inspiration and another wonderful monochrome shooter named Stephen Lai. I set this whole shooting adventure up, made all of the confirmations and totally missed my alarm and awoke with Alex sitting at my doorstep calling my cell phone. In 10 minutes or less I was dressed and as presentable as I could be and in his car. Poor Alex! Thanks bud! I OWE YOU!

Shooting long exposures are taxing on the camera battery and today for some reason my batteries were draining extraordinarily fast. I drained three batteries on 37 frames probably due to temperature and length of exposures. This was the second last shot before my third battery gave up the ghost. Timing is everything some days and in this case an angel was sitting in the camera long enough to capture this stunning shot from the Scarborough Bluff’s which is in my old hometown.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s post as I had a complete knockout weekend shooting spree, including a stunning series from a talented and beautiful long time friend who jumped in front of the lens for me. This was a long wait and our hectic schedules finally matched , well worth the wait when you see the results.

Derek Shanks Photography