Lack of Inspiration

Waking up on a Sunday morning and having family and most of my friends far and away I decided to gain some motivation in shooting, so what do I do? I call the photographer and host of a blog called A Lack of Inspiration Mr. Alex Ulleri. With our lack of inspiration in mind we set out to shoot and pretty much for most of the 6 hours we shot our camera’s in sync. We were in tune with the subjects and while not compositionally the same we both have simliar subjects on our memory cards.

I just read Alex’s blog and he will have you believe I fell in the lake, I did have soggy shoes, socks and pant legs but that was due to the nice big wave that came in to say ‘Hello’ when I was trying to balance the chair a little better. I have been called a Photdog and that is because I will lay down in the sand, mud, hang in trees, stand in the middle of streets and even ask random people to pose for me.

This scene came upon us towards the end of a tiring day of walking around about 2 square kilometres in the Kew Beach neighbourhood. Both of us had an epiphany and knew that we found our Easter Egg after a long day of hunting. We were both exhausted but it was worth it.

Yes Alex, my squishy shoes and wet legs did appreciate the drive home. It was great shooting with you, if ever I need a Lack of Inspiration I will definitely give you a call. Just remember I live on a One Way street 😉

Derek Shanks Photography