Fragile Twitter Tweets and Techniques

Life with a Blackberry gets interesting when you realize how easy it is to keep in touch with the world at all times. I have now signed the [Fragile Glass] blog up to Twitter for updates and random entries from me and the Blackberry. Keep with my antics, shooting schedules and random useless updates.

Fragile Tweets

I am also seperating my blog into two blogging sites. My main Fragile Glass site will remain for my image postings and the new Fragile Glass training and tutorial site will be dedicated to helping those get the most of their images by my reviewing tutorials, tips and tricks to create awesome monochrome shots. You can follow
that site here.

[Fragile Glass] Workshops and Tutorials

Cheers, I am going to be a busy blogger and tweeter….. now hopefully I will find time to shoot some images too.