Passing Time

Timing is everything with photography, the right composition,quality of light, perfect subjects all have to give the photographer a strong desire to fire the shutter. I was waiting for the streetcar as I wanted it to enter the frame and have it edge my intended subject sitting on the ground smoking a cigarette. The addition of the woman walking into the shot couldn’t have been better timed and gave me my theme of Passing Time.

This shot brought about the importance of time and how in life we choose to make those moments count. I have four speeds of time in this shot, one person sitting idly by as the world passes, another who is strolling along at a slower pace at the beginning or end of her day and the commuters on the streetcar who need to be somewhere a lot faster or further away from the corner I was capturing this evening. Of course there is the patience of time to frame this photograph and the 1/125th of a second it took for me to capture it.

Derek Shanks Photography