Yes I do know that I spelled checkmate incorrectly and did so deliberately to go on to my story of this shot. In light of the economic crisis and fears of money and security, everyone is very guarded over finances and their future.  I recently had a conversation about deciding on when wine or beer nights may arise and it was easily decided to negative balances and near zero accounts or credit card statement with balance of too many zeros to ever make one feel comfortable.

I saw this character looming at a bank on the corner of Broadview and Gerrard. This shot captured my outlook on the economic state in absolute perfection.  A guy like this is far better suited for the imagery of the robber barrons that quickly await your deposits and to remove their service fees from your hard earned pay cheques.

Cheers to all with either too many zero’s or the lack of.  We all are playing a very cruel game of chess with our money and hopefully most will pull away from the ChequeMate.

Derek Shanks Photography