While I would love to be able to control all elements of a photograph and Photoshop every distraction out of the capture. I believe that sometimes the elements need to remain to give a sense of place and its surroundings. So never mind the hydro pole and the little white house. I still liked the pairing of these two posts and the elements of tonality in the sky. These two posts remain together when the tide comes in and remain just as they are here with the tide receded. They have been through storms, snow, rain, hurricanes but they have seen beautiful sunny days and many bright moments and will probably play out their Duet for a long time to come.

Fisherman’s Village is on the Eastern Passage of Nova Scotia and this area hosts beautiful scenery while also being a thriving community of seafaring fishing trawlers proving that there are still plenty of fish in the sea. 😉

Derek Shanks Photography