The Office [Linked]

My Blackberry received an image message and it was a picture from where its sender works day after day. Naturally it was only fair that I sent a photo back of my office, well at least my workspace for that particular moment as Toronto becomes a very large office space for me to work in.

The actual image is titled ‘Linked’ because of today’s mobile technology we can share our world at any time with the press, click and send of our phones and that we are never really that far out of reach and unable to share something important. Considering that a squared chain link fence is linked to its post and that this area is a designated spot where dogs can run free from the links of their leashes I believe the title fits 😉

Please forgive my Blackberry as it only does what it can to capture an image.  At least you’ll get a view of what I saw and my vision interpreted (shhhh…. don’t tell anyone that it is in colour. It is the only colour image that will ever make an appearance in the blog section! I swear!)



Derek Shanks Photography