Sorry for the wee bit of a hiatus from being able to post as well as get out there to shoot new content for the blog.  I now have a renewed sense of motivation to shoot again. Thanks to a recent conversation I had a little idea that would restart my blog. How about starting with an image called Silence to mark the quiet two months that my posts have stood still.

Those who know me personally are very much aware that I have an ability to silence the world at will and at particular moments in time I always enjoy the quietness. The phones stop ringing, messages stop buzzing, water stops moving, wind doesn’t create a sound in the blades of grass and I stand there with a solid appreciation of what is before me.

Distractions can take away from being able to focus and concentrate so therefore I exploit the gift I have and this shot was no exception. 5:30 in the morning on the beautiful east coast of Nova Scotia I turned the world off and my hearing was not disturbed by anything. It was a peaceful and beautiful silence and I will always remember my quiet place on the Atlantic Ocean.

Derek Shanks Photography